my new roommate the 13th
grippen is excited for his new roommate to move in... except his new roommate has a terrifying secret!

Willy's Originals

ze audition
ever wonder what it's like to go on a professional audition? well good luck because hitler is your casting director!
how to get 1,000,000,000 followers on instagram
@Kelly<3su has a lot of tips on how to get, like, a billion followers on the #gram... #nomakeup #squats #bae
how to get 2,000,000,000 followers on instagram
@Kelly<3su & @Kelly<3sUmore are back to tell you how to get more followers, travel the world, and make that money baby! #boobs
assisted living
marc moves in to help an elderly woman on request of her son. she isn't thrilled about the situation, but in the end they help eachother.
behind the youtube: marc & bobbo
Marc & Bobbo meet to go over scripts, but marc is late and bobbo is pissed... and they both suffer from typical hollywood problems...
true detective: oscar & elmo
Detective oscar confronts elmo about the recent death of their friend cookie monster...
animal's planet: the bro & his ego
alright bro... not gonna lie... this video is a little weird and a little gnarly... but like... it's still pretty chill though...
lispy levi's 5 tips to self defense
LEvi has some seriously defensive maneuvers that coud possibly warn off a predator... or worse.
wiggles & rufus:
a dog story
Rufus and wiggles have a sibling rivalry going... and wiggles is starting to get pissed that rufus never ends up being the dreaded bad dog!
granda & me...and
When marc goes over to help his grandmother with some chores she ends up having a good time... no, like a really, really good time. 
zanon kumiskey
marc and chris plan to go to a cabin on a lake, but they can't leave until the transient bum, zanon, gets out the backyard...
Frosty the snowman
when frosty gets a little shady and has borrowed too much money, the canadian mob comes a'knockin' 
marc wayne
Things get a little weird... welcome to the marc wayne show
Playin' the game of thrones 
A little diddy about the hit series 'Game of Thrones' done by the alter ego...
"marc chylan"
-an inception parody-
enter the dreamspace