Living with BATMAN!

Episode 1 - Batt Mang
a masked man shows up at robert's apartment responding to an ad. Robert confronts batt mang's tricky identity situation. The penguin delivers...
Episode 2 - Batman & Robin
Robert grows annoyed with batt mang. batt mang reveals his secret to rob- IN! that's right... Robert becomes Robin!
Episode 3 - The Joker
let's be honest... anytime the clown shows up, things are about to turn into a circus. batman loses his keys and the ball is in the joker's court.
Episode 4 - Super Bomb!
Batman is getting on the...fat side of things. robin forces him to work out and learns to fly himself. the joker and penguin are always up to no good. this episode is the bomb.
this episode becomes pretty super pretty fast. the joker thinks the worst of robin. catwoman makes batman purrrrrr...
Episode 5 - Super Bomb! (Part 2)
Episode 6 - dot dot dot...
batman and robin go through a rough patch. catwoman answers the call. the riddler begins to ease with ease to seize the opportunity...
catwoman is a good drunk. rufus is a good ghost. batman uses showtunes to get out of a tight spot. the riddler shows us what 'crazy' is all about. moody superman...
Episode 7 - The kiss
superman wants his lady back. batman and robin want to take down the bad guys. they are going to get into the riddler's mind in order to get out of it... should be wonderful!
Episode 8 - The finale!