Episode 6 - Yup... flat earth & aliens
Episode 7 - My Fellow americans...
Episode 5 - Covfefe 
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well... donald j trump is president of the united states. truth is no longer relevant. agent, olive huss, is only one that can keep the country in order. god save us all...
olive huss thinks that the potus is a 'dipshit.' potus has some thoughts of his own for olive huss. in fact, potus knows a little more than we all realize... maybe he's the all seeing eye?
episode 2 - wake up!
olive huss confronts the president on his ties to russia, putin. how come the devil shows up everytime you start to question what is really happening in this world?
Episode 4 - the matrix
olive huss takes a red pill. trump & putin try to explain who is in charge. ivanka decides to drop by and has quite the encounter with putin. olive huss speculates on world war III.
Episode 5 - covfefe
trump returns home from a trip to the vatican. olive huss begins to realize the world is upside down. trump continues to enlighten olive huss, but his methods are a nod to the monarch-y.
the more we see the less we know the more we'd like to let it go. it is a world that is privately divided by a world so undecided, and there is no where to go... except the annunaki moon base
Episode 7 - my fellow americans...
Trump knows it is time to tell the people what is going... but he needs some help. an unlikely hero rises to the challenge. putin supports the 2nd amendment. let's go america!!!!
trump against the machine
king don & the hussl
the music video from episode 5 - covfefe